How to Delete Microsoft Outlook Profiles on Windows

When setting up SmarterMail account in Outlook, especially when you're connecting to MAPI for the first time, it's best to remove that account's Outlook Profile first. If you have other accounts in Outlook that are NOT SmarterMail accounts, those can stay. However, if you're switching an account type (from EAS to MAPI, for example) or if you're moving an account from some other mail service TO SmarterMail, removing that account's profile is crucial to ensuring Outlook and SmarterMail synchronize fully and completely.

The simplest way to remove an Outlook Profile is through the Control Panel. To do this:

  1. Open the Search bar in Windows. (Generally, you can simply hit the Windows key on your keyboard.)
  2. Type Control Panel and hit Enter.
  3. In the Search Control Panel text box – which should be highlighted by default – type Mail and hit Enter.
  4. Click the search result:
  5. The Mail Setup box opens. From here, click the Show Profiles button.
  6. Select the Profile you want to delete and click the Remove button.
  7. You'll see a prompt about removing the profile and deleting any offline, cached content. Simply click the Yes button. Your account will re-sync once it's added back.
  8. Click the Apply and then the OK buttons. That's it, the Profile is now removed.

Optional: Deleting Leftover Outlook Provisioning Files and Folders 
The next step, after you’ve deleted your profile, is to delete any lingering Outlook files that are associated with that profile that may corrupt the synchronization with your SmarterMail account. This is especially critical if you’re moving the account from Exchange or Office 365. Removing these files ensures SmarterMail and Outlook start fresh. NOTE: You will only want to delete files associated to the Profile you deleted. If you have multiple Profiles set up in Outlook for different accounts, this may be difficult to do.

First, you'll want to find the Outlook folder that resides in AppData. This is a hidden file, so if you are NOT displaying hidden files, you'll want to do the following:
  1. Open the Search bar in Windows. (Generally, you can simply hit the Windows key on your keyboard.)
  2. Type the following: C:\Users\[YOUR COMPUTER USER NAME]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook (Alternatively, you can open the File Explorer and navigate to C:\Users\[YOUR COMPUTER USER NAME], then simply add \AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook to the end of the path in the Address Bar.)
  3. Hit Enter.
  4. The Outlook folder should be open, and some files and folders should be displayed.
  5. Select everything in the Outlook folder, right click, and select Delete from the context menu. (You may need Admin privileges to do this.)
  6. Once everything is deleted, you can proceed to open Outlook and add in your new account.