Using autodiscover, regardless of the mail server in question or mail client used, is a touchy subject when using an Android device. This is because Google has a long-standing issue with its implementation of autodiscover. Put simply, it's not a complete integration. This is evidenced in two ways:
  1. Android clients such as the Samsung mail client, the Gmail client, etc. will ONLY seek the autodiscover.xml file for an email account using HTTPS. If you do not have an SSL certification for your email domain, autodiscover simply won't work on Android. So a simple solution is to make sure you have a UCC or wildcard SSL certificate for your domain that supports your mail domain. (As well as properly set A and/or CNAME records in DNS.)
  2. Android ignores service records (SRV) for autodiscover. This is troubling as Outook essentially requires an SRV in order to function properly. Without it, Outlook may not work as the user intends.
Now, this is more of a headache than anything else -- not being able to use autodiscover simply means that users have to manually enter their server information when setting up an account. For many users, this is just a few extra steps. However, for service providers it can mean a number of support calls, tickets and live chats as there are users who don't know their incoming and outgoing server addresses.