How to Embed a Video into a KB Article

Adding videos to your KB articles can be a great way to further educate your customers and possibly cut down on support emails, phone calls and live chats. Below is some direction and sample code for embedding a MP4 video into a KB article.

Applies to SmarterTrack 6.x - 12.x

Adding a Video
1. Create your KB, including title and any text that will complement your video.
2. Switch over to the HTML view of your article, and find the spot you want the video to appear.
3. Use the following HTML for the video:

4. You will want to edit the "source src =" and "object data =" sections to point to the videos you have. You can use either videos uploaded to SmarterTrack or video files that are hosted elsewhere (on YouTube, on your own website, etc.).

NOTE: If you use a video hosted on YouTube, the best solution is to simply use the Embed code that YouTube makes available. You can then edit the width and height to match the size of the KB article content window. Generally, the embed code will look something like this:

5. If you upload video to SmarterTrack you will use a url similar to the following:


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