SmarterTrack agents are able to change the subject of a ticket in order to better facilitate tracking when searching, sorting or browsing tickets. For example, imagine a user submitted a ticket with a subject of "I need help!!". By adjusting the subject to reflect what the ticket is actually related to, such as "Transaction Declined", you can more easily find tickets related to billing inquiries. 
While the user may still adjust the subject line on their email reply, when the subject is changed by the agent using this control (rather than simply editing the subject on the agent's reply), the new subject will be used for all of an agent's future replies on the ticket. In addition, the subject entered by the agent will be assigned to the ticket and displayed in the content pane.

Applies to SmarterTrack 12.x

Follow the steps below to change the subject of a ticket:
  1. Log into SmarterTrack as an agent.
  2. Click the Tickets icon.
  3. Navigate to the desired ticket. In the preview pane toolbar, click on the Actions menu and then click Change Subject.
  4. Adjust the subject text in the New Subject field.
  5. Click OK. The subject line will be adjusted in the content pane grid. NOTE: If viewing the ticket in a popped out window, there may be no indication that the subject has been changed. View the ticket's subject in the content pane grid or reply to the ticket to see the changes. 
For more information, please see the SmarterTrack Online Help.

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