Optimize Team Workspaces Video and Audio Conferencing

While group chat is a great resource, there are times when simply exchanging text with someone isn't enough. That's where SmarterMail's Team Workspaces come into play! A Team Workspace includes real-time audio and video chat, inline Group Chat, document sharing and an interactive whiteboard. Once a Team Workspace has been created within SmarterMail, an invitation link can be sent to users on your domain as well as guest participants.

NOTE: Due to trademark and copyright issues, the appear.in service is no longer available.
For audio and video conferencing, Team Workspaces was integrated with appear.in. To optimize audio and video performance, we recommend the following guidelines:
  • Chrome, Firefox and Opera are the browsers supported by appear.in. As such, these are the browsers we recommend using with Team Workspaces. For more information, refer to the appear.in documentation for the browsers do you support?
  • In order to utilize video conferencing, your browser must support WebRTC. 
  • Limit the number of browser extensions that are running. In most cases, a quick way to limit extensions is to open an incognito browser window, as extensions do not typically run in incognito, unless otherwise specified.
  • Disable any ad blockers for the SmarterMail domain. 
  • Ensure you're on a high quality network connection. The faster the network and the higher quality the network connection, the better the appear.in call will be.
Administrators who utilize Team Workspaces in an office environment might also consider equipping all meeting rooms with a network cable, so it is easy for participants to plug in during video conferences. Overloaded Wifi routers is the biggest source of quality issues in appear.in, and plugging in a network cable eliminates this. 
For further assistance in optimizing the audio and video components of Team Workspaces, please refer to the appear.in help documentation.