Move SmarterMail from Hosted to Self-Installed

Applies to All SmarterMail Versions

If you are moving from one shared hosted provider to a self installed version of SmarterMail the easiest and best solution to retrieve your emails, users, settings, etc. is to contact your current hosting provider and request your domain folder. The domain folder is where all domain level settings such as users, passwords, email, calendars, etc. settings are kept. Once you have the domain folder you can Install SmarterMail and follow the steps below:

  1. Stop the SmarterMail service.
  2. Move the SmarterMail domains folder from the hosting provider to where SmarterMail is installed. By default, the domain folder is located in C:\SmarterMail\Domains.
  3. Open domainList.xml in a text editor. This file is located in the Service folder of the install path. By default, the install path is at C:\Program Files\SmarterTools\SmarterMail.
  4. Each row beginning with "<Domain" includes the path to that domain. Change the path for each domain to reflect the new path to those domains.
  5. Restart the SmarterMail service.
Please be aware that not all hosting companies will provide you with your data when leaving. If they do not you will still be able to retrieve your emails only. This will be done using the migration utility that is built into SmarterMail. You will need to recreate all users and their settings (passwords, contacts, calendars, etc.). Once they are created please refer to this knowledge base to pull in emails: Import Mailbox Data to SmarterMail from Third-party Mail Servers.
Below is a sample list of items that will need to be created if the hosting company will not provide the domain folder:
  1. Domain
  2. Domain level settings
  3. Aliases
  4. Users
  5. User settings (passwords, contacts, calendars, etc.)
  6. Mailing Lists

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