Mailing lists are a good way to send a message or series of messages to many people at once. For example, many companies use mailing lists to email newsletters, promotional offers, or information about product updates to subscribers.

Note a mailing list will first need to be made. For instruction follow this knowledge base article: Create a Mailing List.

Applies to SmarterMail 8.x - 15.x

Follow these steps to send to a mailing list.

Note: Only Allowed Posters can send to a mailing list.

  1. In the To field, enter the mailing list email address. For example, if your mailing list name is 'myPromo' and your domain is, the mailing list address would be
  2. Once the email is received by the mailing list it will be processed to all the subscribers.

For more information on mailing list settings, refer to the SmarterMail Online Help.


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