Change the Signature in Email Messages

SmarterMail allow users to change their signature on the compose page without having to go through multiple menus. This is especially helpful to users that send and receive messages from multiple email addresses via their SmarterMail account. NOTE: To use this feature, the user must have multiple signatures set up for their SmarterMail account. For more information, refer to Create a Signature.

Applies to SmarterMail 8.x - 15.x

  1. Log in to SmarterMail as a user.
  2. Click the Email icon.
  3. Click New in the navigation pane toolbar to compose a new message. The new message window will open.
  4. In the Signature field, select the desired signature. SmarterMail will automatically update the signature in the body of the message.

For more information, please refer to the SmarterMail Online Help.


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