SmarterMail has built-in instant messaging that can be used by all users of the same domain to keep all communication internal. Any chat client that supports the XMPP protocol can be used with SmarterMail.

Applies to SmarterMail Enterprise 12.x-15.x

Follow these steps to connect SmarterMail chat to eM Client:
  1. Within eM Client, go to the Tools menu and click Accounts then New account...
  2. Expand the Chat section, choose XMPP/Jabber then click Next.
  3. Select Use existing Jabber account and click Next.
  4. For the Jabber ID enter your SmarterMail username (exclude the domain). For the Password, enter the associated SmarterMail password.
  5. Uncheck the setting for Automatically detect server host and user name. Click Next.
  6. Make any necessary modifications to the account's display name to be used within eM Client and click Next.
  7. Click Finish to complete the initial configuration. 
  8. Some further modifications must be made after the initial configuration. In the Accounts window, click on the Chat account, if not already selected.  
  9. Please follow these guidelines for configuring the chat settings:
    • Host: Enter the SmarterMail URL. (e.g.,
    • Port: 5222
    • Domain: Enter only the domain. (e.g.,
    • User name: Do not include the domain. (e.g., johndoe)
    • Do not checkmark the setting for Use Legacy SSL.
  10. Click OK to save the modified settings and complete the XMPP connection. 
For more information, please refer to the SmarterMail Online Help.


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