Enable Cyren Premium Antispam

Cyren Premium Antispam is available as an optional add-on to SmarterMail and is associated to a specific SmarterMail license key at the time of purchase. Once you have purchased this add-on, you will need to reactivate SmarterMail before enabling the Premium Antispam add-on. For more information, refer to the KB article Activate Cyren Premium Antispam.

Applies to SmarterMail 8.x-15.x

Follow these steps to enable the Cyren Premium Antispam add-on:

  1. Log into SmarterMail as the system administrator.
  2. Click the Security icon.
  3. Click Antispam Administration in the navigation pane.
  4. In the Spam Checks tab, find Cyren Premium Antispam and select the Enable for Filtering checkbox.
  5. Click Save. Cyren is now enabled.


For more information, please refer to the SmarterMail Online Help.


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