Restore POP3 Messages Back to the Server

This article applies to recent versions of SmarterMail. View articles for SmarterMail 16.x and earlier.
When connecting to an email client via POP3, messages sent to SmarterMail's inbox will be automatically downloaded in the client. In most cases, the email client will provide a setting to leave messages on the server, rather than delete them, when downloaded. In cases where emails are mistakenly removed from the server OR when users want to change from POP3 to IMAP retrieval, it may be possible to get the imported messages back on the server. 
NOTE: These steps applies only if the email client allows messages to be moved from one account to another. In this example, messages are being moved using Outlook. 
If messages downloaded to the client via POP are deleted from the server, follow these steps to restore them in the Web interface:
  1. Log into the SmarterMail as a user and click on the Email icon. In the navigation pane, choose Actions > New Folder. Choose a folder path and name. This is the folder to which the downloaded messages will be moved. (Moving the messages to a new folder, rather than the inbox, prevents them from being downloaded via the POP account again.)
  2. Open the email client and navigate to the account settings. Create a new IMAP account for a two-way sync. Depending on the client, step-by-step instructions may be available in the Desktop and Mobile Synchronization KB folder. 
  3. With both the IMAP and POP accounts now configured, locate the messages in the POP account that should be moved back to the server, then drag and drop them in the IMAP folder that was just created. 
  4. Once the sync has completed, the messages should be available within both the Web interface and email client. 
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