Why do SmarterTools Products Install in C:\Program Files(x86)?

SmarterTools products have a default installation path of C:\Program Files(x86). Some have questioned why they install there rather than the usual C:\Program Files. This is because our products are built in a way that allows them to adapt to whichever version they're on: 64-bit or 32-bit. The location of the folders, whether in C:\Program Files(x86) or just C:\Program Files, is insignificant. 
While a modification could be made to adjust these default paths, we believe this would cause more confusion than clarity because of the extremely large customer base who are already installed in C:\Program Files(x86). Modifying this would cause these existing customers to have to change the install path each time they upgrade or install their products. With this in mind, the default installation path for products will remain C:\Program Files(x86).