Hosted SmarterTrack Backup and Retention Policies

Below is a listing of the backup policies for all hosted SmarterTrack helpdesks:

SmarterTrack Site Files

Regarding the sites themselves, all SmarterTrack sites are automatically backed up on a daily basis. Site backups, while important, only back up the general application files. As the majority of SmarterTrack's data is stored within a Microsoft SQL database, the backup policies for that information, as well as the backup policies for data NOT stored in the database, is a bit different.

SmarterTrack Database Backup and Retention Policies

Hosted SmarterTrack helpdesk databases receive a differential backup on a daily basis, as well as a weekly full backups. Daily differential backups are retained for 4 weeks while the weekly full backups are retained for 60 days.

SmarterTrack Data Backup and Retention

SmarterTrack data, which includes attachments, raw content, files uploaded via the file manager and other data that is NOT stored in the SmarterTrack database, receive daily incremental backups. Full backups run on a weekly basis. Incremental backups are retained for 30 days and weekly full backups are retained for 60 days. 

Database Retrieval

If you require a copy of any of your data, a support ticket will need to be opened making this request. We will then provide you with the requested backup set at no charge.


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