Synchronize SmarterMail Accounts with Outlook Using SyncML

SmarterMail uses multiple data synchronization technologies to sync mailbox data with email clients and mobile devices. SyncML is a platform-independent open standard for synchronization of information, and SmarterMail allows the use of the Funambol SyncML plug-in to sync contacts, calendars, tasks, and notes with Outlook.

NOTE: SyncML may still be used with later versions of SmarterMail; however, due to its deprecation, SyncML connections may not be supported by SmarterTools Support in versions 11.x and newer. In addition, make sure Funambol is installed and configured prior to performing the following steps. For more information, refer to the KB article Install and Configure Funambol SyncML for Outlook. If this is the first time you are syncing using Funambol, you may need to agree to the EULA.

Applies to SmarterMail Enterprise 8.x - 10.x

Follow these steps to sync your SmarterMail mailbox with Outlook:

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. If you wish to synchronize all data, click Funambol in the menu bar and select Sync All. This will open the Funambol Outlook Sync Client window and begin syncing your data.
  3. If you wish to only sync specific items, click Funambol in the menu bar and select Go To. Then select the item you want to sync.
  4. When the process is complete, close the Funambol Outlook Sync Client window.


NOTE: SyncML does not support syncing of contact images across devices.

For more information, refer to the SmarterMail Online Help.


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