Recover a SmarterStats SiteConfig.xml File

On occasion, the SiteConfig.xml file may become corrupted and appear empty in Notepad. This can be caused by two different processes accessing the files at the same time (e.g., SmarterStats and an antivirus software).

Fortunately, the SiteConfig.xml file can be recovered from the site's many backup files. These files are labeled SiteConfig.xml.b00 through SiteConfig.xml.b06.

Follow these steps to recover the SiteConfig.xml file:

  1. Stop the SmarterStats service.
  2. Navigate to the sites SmarterLogs directory. NOTE: To determine the correct directory, look at the site ID. By default, a site with a site ID of 7 will have its SmarterLogs directory at c:\SmarterLogs\WebLogs\7.
  3. Delete or move the SiteConfig.xml file.
  4. Rename the most recent backup file. For example, rename SiteConfig.xml.b06 to SiteConfig.xml.
  5. Start the SmarterStats service.


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