Configure Logging in IIS for SmarterStats

SmarterStats can only analyze the data stored in the logs. If some of the reports are blank, you will need to verify if the logs are set to capture the appropriate field data.

To enable logging in SmarterStats with IIS 7.0 and 7.5:

  1. Open IIS and select the website you wish to modify.
  2. Click the Logging icon.
  3. Click the Select Fields button.
  4. Select the W3C Logging fields you would like to use for logging.
  5. Click the Save button.

The log fields that SmarterStats needs to properly display reports are:

  • date*
  • time*
  • c-ip*
  • cs-username (if Windows authentication is used and you want to track them)
  • cs-method
  • cs-uri-stem*
  • cs-uri-query (if you want to track query items for data mining)
  • sc-status
  • sc-substatus
  • sc-win32-status
  • sc-bytes (if you would like to track bandwidth)
  • cs-bytes (if you would like to track bandwidth)
  • cs-hosts
  • cs(User-Agent) (if you would like to track browser or bots)
  • cs(Referrer) (if you would like to track referrer or search engine)

If you do not capture data from all of the above log fields, SmarterStats will still work. However, the reports will be missing data. NOTE: The fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required and rows without them will not be imported. 


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