SmarterTools Support Policy

Do I receive any technical support with my product purchase?
Licenses protected by Maintenance and Support receive unlimited, free technical support for standard issues. (Maintenance and Support is a subscription that makes licenses eligible for software updates and technical support. Each new license purchase includes 12 months of Maintenance and Support at no additional charge. The subscription can be renewed annually or reinstated as needed.) 

Do I receive any technical support if I use a SmarterTools Hosted Service?
Any customer using a SmarterTools hosted service, such as the Hosted SmarterTrack Helpdesk, receives unlimited, free technical support for standard issues for the lifetime of their subscription.

Do I receive any technical support as a SmarterTools Partner? 
SmarterTools Partners receive unlimited, free technical support for standard issues for the lifetime of their partnership.

How do I get in contact with the Support Department?
To contact the Support Department for standard technical support, visit the SmarterTools website and click on the account icon in the upper right. Once logged in, select My Tickets from the dropdown. If you've submitted tickets to us before, they will be listed on this page. Otherwise, it may be blank. To start a new ticket, simply click on the New Ticket button. Then, select your license from the list. Please note that your license must have an active Maintenance and Support subscription in order to receive technical support. If there are no protected licenses on your account, you will be prompted to reinstate the Maintenance and Support subscription. (If you're submitting a ticket as a Hosted SmarterTrack customer or SmarterTools Partner, select the corresponding list option instead.) 

How is technical support offered? 
Standard technical support is offered via email. Phone support can be requested in the ticket's message body and will be granted at the support technician's discretion. If the technician must access a server remotely in order to resolve an issue, a connection will be made via RDP/Remote Desktop or other remote management software.  

What kind of turnaround can I expect for a support ticket?
SmarterTools support technicians respond to issues in the order they come in and make every effort to give an initial response to tickets within four (4) business hours. ("Business hours" being SmarterTools' business hours). In most cases, the support staff easily meets this service level, and more often than not customers get responses within an hour. However, four (4) hours is the service level we use for internal metrics. Customers should understand that response times are based on a number of factors, including workload, severity and complexity of issues, and many other factors.

For issues of a serious nature that lead to a customer being "hard down", SmarterTools offers Emergency 24x7 Support, which carries a one (1) hour initial response metric. Emergency 24x7 tickets can be submitted 24 x 7 x 365 and will still receive the same response time, even if submitted on a weekend, after SmarterTools' business hours, holidays, etc.

What additional support options are available?
Licenses protected by Maintenance and Support receive unlimited, free support for standard issues. The specialized support options below can be purchased directly from the SmarterTools website and are automatically submitted to the Support Department after the checkout process. A support technician will follow up to address the emergency issue or schedule a time to perform the installation or product training. 
What free support options are available?
SmarterTools offers a number of free support options as well, including:
What is a Remote Server Access Agreement (RSAA)?
Commonly, it is required for SmarterTools support to access a server remotely in order to resolve an issue. To protect SmarterTools and the customer, we have implemented an agreement, known as an RSAA, that allows the customer to provide us remote access, and also revoke this access. Each support ticket needs its own, separate RSAA, and when that ticket is closed, access is revoked. For more information, see Remote Server Access Agreement.

What happens if my Emergency Support issue turns out to be a bug?
SmarterTools will only offer hotfixes for current versions of any of our products. If Emergency Support is submitted for a license running a legacy version, and the issue is determined to be caused by a bug in the software, you MUST update to the latest version to access the bug fix. Emergency Support is non-refundable as the cost associated with the ticket ensures an initial response within one hour of submission and is NOT dependent on the resolution of the issue.

What support options are available for legacy products?
Because SmarterTools provides Maintenance and Support to ensure customers have access to the most recent features and bug fixes, SmarterTools does not release minor updates or provide technical support for legacy products. Licenses without Maintenance and Support are limited to user-to-user support in the SmarterTools Community. If a license has active Maintenance and Support but is running an older version of the software, technical support will be available. However, please note that hotfixes for bug reports will only be applied to the latest supported version. To ensure the highest levels of support, customers on older versions of our products are encouraged to upgrade to the most recent release as subsequent releases not only offer new features but may include changes to how specific pieces of the product works, thereby eliminating issues seen in older versions of products.