Does X-SmarterMail-SmartHostSpamWeight really work?
Question asked by CLEBER SAAD - 12/8/2014 at 5:43 AM
We have 5 e-mail server's using SM and a 1 week ago we start to create a inbound MX server using the latest SM version (13.x) as MX gateway inbound to filter antispam and virus.
When we use the SM as inbound gateway, the SM include a additional header at the message with the name X-SmarterMail-SmartHostSpamWeight and anothers.
I'd like to know if the SM make the Spam filter work's using this headers auto or I need to create a filter to use that.
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Scarab Replied
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If you have your gateway in SETTINGS > ROUTING > INCOMING GATEWAYS > SPAM set to "Pass Score to Smartermail" for your different Spam Levels (Not, Low, Med, High) then your other SM servers should be automatically reading this header and handling email these emails according to how your Server, Domains, and Users have configured their Spam Settings for each of those levels.
If you are not using Smartermail on your other servers, your SETTINGS > ROUTING > INCOMING GATEWAYS > SPAM on your gateway should be set with the actions you want taken for each Spam Level (Not, Low, Med, High), in which case the X-SmarterMail-SmartHostSpamWeight: header is essentially informational for troubleshooting.

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