Change location of Unsubscribe Link
Idea shared by Cris Mead - 6/10/2024 at 6:33 AM
Hello, I'm dealing with this multiple times daily, and have a feature request, or change request: 

Mostly on phones, but in Webmail UI as well. refer to image included. In mailing list emails, the "unsubscribe" link and "Attachments" are side by side, and it's proving hard for my users to miss the unsubscribe link. Or maybe pre-morning coffee it's a difficult.

Would it be possible to reconsider placement of the unsubscribe links: maybe inline and far Right of attachments, or better at the bottom of the email body where it is commonly put?

I think it's far less likely that someone will want to unsubscribe, than opening an attachment... 

Thank you for your consideration and time,

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