Slow AntiSpam Checks in Build 8895
Problem reported by Scarab - 5/16/2024 at 11:55 AM
After upgrading from SmarterMail Build 8860 to Build 8895 we are seeing *VERY* long Spool delays of 10+ minutes or longer despite low CPU & Memory usage (5% and 44% reported outside of SM and 1% and 14% reported within SM). Our Incoming Gateways as of Build 8895 aren't able to process more than 20 messages per minute whereas before on Build 8860 they were able to handle a thousand or more per minute.

It looks like this may be related to the following in the Release Notes:

  • Fixed: High memory usage related to RBLs and URIBLs.
SmarterMail is reporting a large number of timeouts (thousands per hour) for every RBL and especially for URIBLs (tens of thousands per hour).

We have eliminated that this isn't a DNS or RBL/URIBL issue as we have one Incoming Gateway on an older Build that is working fine with these same Antispam checks.

As our average peak Inbound is three times what SmarterMail Build 8895 can currently process, other than disabling AntisSpam checks entirely, putting our Inbound Gateways behind a Load Balancer, or rolling back to Build 8860 are there any other options to resolve this?

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Brian Bjerring-Jensen Replied
Try 8888
kevind Replied
@Scarab, report back on what you did to get this working again. We also use SmarterMail's RBL functionality and it works great, blocking and scoring thousands of messages/day.  But we'll hold off on this upgrade if it causes slowness.

On a side note, unfortunately it looks like ST not putting much effort into RBLs:
Scarab Replied
Marked As Resolution
This appears to be resolved for Build 8895. Turns out it wasn't SmarterMail that was the cause of the slow Spool processing with RBLs and URIBLs, one of our three upstream providers published some bad BGP routes. The problem was resolved when they undid their changes and we flushed the ARP table cache.
kevind Replied
OK, good to know. Thanks for update.

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