New Outlook for Windows and Auth block by Country issues
Problem reported by Mark Johnson - 5/14/2024 at 11:54 PM
After battling hackers for years we decided to enable Block Auth by Country and block all except Australia.
This works well and logs show its blocking over 150,000 logins from over 120 countries EVERY single day!

However we've now found that the new Outlook for Windows is doing some odd routing and sends its auth attempts to our server from IP's all over the world, thus breaking auth for our customers!

Has anyone else copped this hurdle and is there any way around it other than allow auth from basically anywhere again? 
So disappointed .. 

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Brian Bjerring-Jensen Replied
Its because all traffic are router via Microsoft servers and all email are checked before beeing handed over to third parties....
Douglas Foster Replied
Agreed. Suggest you tell your clients "we do not support Outlook for Cell or New Outlook for PCs because it acts as if it is spyware"
J. LaDow Replied
We block authentication for ALL countries except for 5.

MS servers try to hit us via IPs in USA and Ireland.  Our server blocked Ireland (as intended) but allows the US connections as one of our allowed countries.  I'm not sure Microsoft's ability to failover IPs that are not connectable but we've not seen issues as of yet.
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Ron Raley Replied

Unless your solution is in the United States, Outlook users will have trouble with SmarterMail country blocking. Thanks Microsoft! 

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