ActiveSync problems after upgrade to build 8895
Problem reported by Douglas Foster - 5/11/2024 at 6:37 AM
Some phones lost their mailbox after upgrade from 8804 to 8895, including my phone.   Resync All Devices appeared to fix the problem, but at least some contact entriess are missing for me.   I could try re-establishing phone connection next, but waiting to see if that is necessary for multiple users or not 

  Problem has been confirmed on 2 Android devices.  On the other hand, 1 Android and 1 iPhone are confirmed normal.  I am working with support on an emergency ticket, but recommend waiting on this build until problem is isolated.

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Brian Bjerring-Jensen Replied
We are seeing sync issues from about the 1st of may until now where the emails start flowing on the phones.

I have only seen it on one so far....
Douglas Foster Replied
FYI: problem went away by downgrading to 8888

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