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Idea shared by kevind - 5/10/2024 at 1:52 PM
Currently you can enable DMARC for incoming mail and enter a single score if it's suspicious. But  that seems limited as there are quite a few DMARC results. Suggest the DMARC section be expanded to accomodate the many results:
  • DMARC: [none]
  • DMARC: [failed]
  • DMARC: [passed]
  • DMARC: [skipped] (multiple reasons)
Might make sense to provide a score for each of the above, and passed would be a negative number.

Google and Yahoo now require domains to have DMARC, so let's give SmarterMail the ability to do the same thing. If a spammer sends email with no DMARC, I want to reject or give it a high score. Thanks!

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Yes, I have asked for this as well.  Ticket 2DD-2D39507C-0B13 from January
Yes, +1 let's vote this up.

Would be nice to set DMARC [passed]: -5
just like you can specify DKIM [Pass]: -5

Also, curious about the "_ARC: none" in the header. Not familiar with that.
Also, this feature would be nice for blocking spam from onmicrosoft.com domain as most of it doesn't have DMARC.

So when you see this line in SMTP:
DMARC Results: None (Domain: , Reason: No DMARC record found), Reason: No DMARC record found, Reject? False
You could assign it 10 to 20 points!

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