File Storage upload slow?
Question asked by Mark Thornton - 5/2/2024 at 10:54 AM
Build 8839 - I am trying to make use of the file storage functionality in SM to move large files without a DropBox subscription. I am experiencing some odd behavior and need some insight. Specifically, I have a few ZIP files with images in the range of 50 to 75 MB. When I go to upload them, it never seems to finish. Maybe I'm not waiting long enough, but it reminds me of the old Windows 3.1 (yeah, I have experience on that OS) where the % complete gauge always ran up to 99% real fast, then seemed to hang while the computer got started doing whatever it showed was already done. I refreshed the screen a few times, uploaded it again, which was odd when it went by in a blink and back to the empty upload folder. I looked away for a bit to find my coffee cup, look back and there is the file, showing up in the file storage folder. Did it "take the long way home", is my server/client pairing insufficient to upload a 50 MB file and display it, have I become the impatient user?

Not a huge problem, I am just trying to learn what to expect.

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Mark Thornton Replied
So I went at it again, this time moving on to another task leaving the upload to process. The upload status did finally clear off the screen and show the file in the folder.

for a good while, go get a cup of coffee kind of time, or maybe even brew some...

Just kidding, it doesn't take quite as long as Windows 3.1 to boot. Those were the days when you came in to the office, turned on the computer and made coffee. Otherwise you had 10 minutes to kill before you could do anything ;-)

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