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Question asked by Diego Discacciati - 4/29/2024 at 5:16 AM
I am using smartermail built 7957 (Oct.2021). I know, did not upgrade yet as I am on a 2012R server...
In any case, I set up DKMI signing. For smartermail all looks good.
I set up the record in my DNS provider (DNSMadeEasy) and...

I had a lot of reports for DKIM record missing!!!
If I use MXtoolBox and the DKIM lookup... indeed it says:
test: DKIM Record Published
resukt: No DKIM Record found

Now, I have multiple domains for the same IP address. So I added one key in the DNS for everydomain... Everykey is supplied by smartermail. The key is there, smartermail detects it... (it was generated by smartermail), but everybody else seems not able to see it. Any advice? This happens for all domains!!!

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Mike Tindor Replied
You are not using the right selector in MXToolbox



If you plug that in, MXToolbox reports that the DKIM key exists.


Diego Discacciati Replied
Thank you, yes, I know it exists because smartermail detects it correctly.
But there must be some other setting that I am setting up incorrectly. I went to MXtoolBox to try to troubleshoot reports for messages sent to GMail accounts.
I am new to DMarc and DKIM, this is the error that drioves me crazy. As mentioned, we have one IP address for all domains... so it might be related to that:


Now, I noticed that I have to enter every key twice, one for the domain (for example whynotplastic.com) , one for the domain used by smartermail (mail.whynotplastic.com) otherwise it is not detected and receive an error. Do I have to enter the key also for the IP address? I mean listing all the keys for that IP address (which I am not sure I can do that with my DNS service provider... or I will have to figure out how...)?

Please forgive me if I am asking a stupid question, I spent the weekend working on this, and I am getting out of the fog, but not completly out yet... slowly slowly...

Diego Discacciati Replied
Thank you a bunch Mike. nevermind... my reverse DNS are not set up as they should. Our server used to handle both DNS and reverse DNS on the same machine before we moved the DNS out, but we never took care of the reverse... or better, the technician set up only one domain. All good... hopefully we should fix everything in the next couple of days... we never realized it because by pure luck the only existing pointer was on our main mail service... we never notice until now...
Thanks again!!!

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