Odd attachment issue when forwarding an email
Problem reported by Jay Altemoos - 4/16/2024 at 8:06 AM
Good day everyone,
We have run into an odd issue with one of our clients in webmail, we are running build 8747. When our client wants to forward an email that has an attachment but doesn't want the attachment to go with the forward, it still does anyway even though they deleted the attachment before sending the email.

I was able to replicate this by forwarding an email with an attachment to myself and before I forward the email I deleted the attachment, but it still gets sent anyway. It appears the email editor does not actually delete the attachment when you click the X on the attachment to remove it, it still gets sent anyway. This only appears to happen in webmail and email clients like eMclient handle it properly.

Anyone else notice this issue?

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Hi Jay,

This sounds similar to an issue we fixed in a newer build. Please see the release note below:

Build 8776 (Jan 11, 2024)
Fixed: Forwarding an email that contains attachments retains all attachments on delivery even if one or more attachments were removed in the compose window.

If you get upgraded to the latest build, it should resolve this behavior. 
Jay Altemoos Replied
Good day Andrea,
Thank you for the follow-up on this. I will schedule an update for our server and test afterwards. I appreciate it.

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