How to change HELO/EHLO value in Smartermail 12.2
Question asked by James Hall - 4/8/2024 at 10:44 AM
We have been using SmarterMail for our small business for a while with no problems.  However recent changes by Google etc. have us upgrading our mail delivery settings to help with deliverability problems.

The last remaining problem is that some receivers are complaining about our HELO/ELHO value, which is our server name and not our domain name.

I'm trying to find where in SmarterMail 12.2 to change this, but the setting referred to in help doesn't appear to be in that location.  Where do I set this value in version 12.2?  Thanks!

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Jay Dubb Replied
Please don't take this as being preachy... but you REALLY need to upgrade.  Version 12 was released in 2014.  Running 10 year old software on a public internet-facing server is suicide.  What version of Windows is this running on?
Kyle Kerst Replied
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I believe this would have been the Hostname setting in Settings>General Settings (or thereabouts.) Alternatively you might find this in the protocol or port/binding settings as well as we allow configuration of that at multiple levels. Another thing Google has been harping on lately is ensuring your identified hostname matches the hostname in your IP address PTR (reverse DNS) record, so you might check that while you're in there too. I hope that helps!
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