Freeze Headings when Scrolling
Idea shared by kevind - 3/13/2024 at 12:56 PM
Here's a simple idea to improve the SmarterMail user interface for admins. In many places you need to scroll down to see rows that exceed the height of your screen. Unfortunately the heading also scrolls, so now you're looking at a bunch of rows without a label above the columns.

  • Manage -> Spool -> Virus Quarantine
  • Settings -> Security -> Whitelist
  • etc.
The action buttons (New, Delete, ...) also scroll off the screen. So would be nice to freeze those too. Then you could checkmark a few rows and click an action button without having to scroll back to top.

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Just following up on this with another example:

Log into webmail, go to Contacts, and scroll down. If you're in "Card View" the buttons stay on the top of the screen – perfect!  But if you switch to "Grid View" the buttons and the headings scroll off the screen.

Suggest freezing the headings on all screens, similar to how spreadsheets work.
Bump for May.  Here's an example:

When you scroll down on this page, the [Refresh] & [:] buttons, the Search, and all the labels (File Name, Spool, Sender, Size, etc.) go off the screen, making it difficult to view and take action. Would be nice to freeze the headings.

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