Restoring SmarterMail server if i only have c:\Smartermail data
Question asked by AFMIC ADMIN - 3/3/2024 at 4:07 PM
Recently, i encountered and major SAN storage problem and my VM hosting smartermail is no longer available, luckily i was planning on migrating the smarter mail, and i initially took a copy of the the following files " c:\smartermail " which as far as i know contains all domains and user and emails. 
I need a documentation or steps in order to restore these domains and emails again, i tried installing the server on my own many times but i cant find a way to import these files again to the new smarter mail, any help will be appreciated.

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Sébastien Riccio Replied

You might want to try the "Attach domain" function in the domain administration page, for every domain you want to re-attach. Hope this helps.

Sébastien Riccio System & Network Admin https://swisscenter.com

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