Bounties from users to SM for developing things we need...
Idea shared by Brian Bjerring-Jensen - 2/17/2024 at 9:05 AM
Would it be a good idea to be able to get a bounty going so that people commit to paying for development if there is a thing we need and SM doesnt think its the best idea since sliced bread??

I would pay for the menu in webmail was exactly the same as in outlook.com or outlook.... with the same options.

Thats something I need...

And a lot better tracking of emails to.

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So I think a good idea is or should be in the interest of SM and developed in the foreseeable future +- half a year, or am I wrong?
Asap as I see it :)
Something like this.

You search for an spoecific email... instead of going through a million logs in SM then make it very simple.

You have every email that has come from the sender or to the receiver in one window.

Then you can click transaction and see what triggers and why.

You can trace it and see where it went. In one window and in 2 clicks.

Super easy!
I would take offense if our customers rallied for features with money, as the ultimate intention would be to override our team's best judgment and decisions.
But the current issue is that the users want or need something thats not in the roadmap....

And it will make SM a lot better and make admins use a lot less time troubleshooting emails.

And somebody else can make individual email backup and restore but not smartermail.

It has to be a real alternative to Exchange and not halfway there....

I hear you.  But plug in your opinions as feature request threads.  Get some up votes.  Bump your thread every now and then.  These guys and gals are programmers, not politicians.  This is not the way.

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