Add Additional User Info When Account Created
Idea shared by Jay Dubb - 2/12/2024 at 7:19 AM
When a new mail user is created, all we can key in is username and password.  We have some large clients (one of whom has offices in multiple states) who are complaining about having to jump around to too many screens to fully add a user. Since they cover a large geographical area, they need the additional demographic, address, and primary office information entered at time of account creation.  

Right now, they have to create the user first-- then do several mouse clicks to get to the GAL, then search for the new account, then edit the contact record and save it. They are asking for a checkbox that can be selected to expose the extra GAL fields on the new-account creation screen, so all user info can be submitted at once.

They DO use the CSV import option when creating batches of many users, where the demographic and location info can be pre-filled, but they say the import method is too inconvenient when quickly creating one (or a few) users on-the-fly, especially when they're working in the field and onboaring a new employee from a mobile device (which lacks the ability to upload a file).


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