Utility to Find Forgotten GRP Files
Idea shared by Montague WebWorks - 1/24/2024 at 11:42 AM
Today I was working on a few user accounts who were way over the mailbox size I recommend (and soon will be putting a hard clamp down on). Here's the short story:

I logged in via RDP and ran TreeSize on the D: drive to see which domain/users folders were the largest. One customer showed up as having 712 GB of files on the HD. Drilling down I saw the "Deleted Items" folder contained 400 GRP files, all named 2023_12_5* through 2023_12_15*. I flipped over to the webmail interface, impersonated the user, and saw their "Deleted Items" folder was empty. These were, apparently, forgotten files by SmarterMail.

So, I took a chance. I flipped back over to the RDP window and selected all the GRP files and clicked Delete. Five minutes later I had reclaimed 700 GB of hard drive space. The user is back down to 12 GB, which is what the web interface is reporting.

I propose that SmarterTools add a utility that compares what's physically on the HD to what the cfg/json files think, server wide, with an option (within the report) to re-sync the files, or delete them.

This is not the first time this issue has happened to me. In two other related issues, the GRP files that should get deleted mysteriously come back over and over, twice taking my server down.

Currently running SmarterMail Enterprise, Build 8768 (Jan 3, 2024)
Mik MullerMontague WebWorks

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SmarterTools has such a utility. Though they obviously don't publish it. Perhaps it cannot do what you're requesting but it does scan your entire SmarterMail data folder for corruption issues.
That sounds useful.
Mik MullerMontague WebWorks
Last year we have 1 instance where client sub folder is missing from web interface  but on the harddisk it has those folder and file. So what we do is to run the rebuild to make it reappear on the web interface.

Also dont forget your daily backup now has 700gb less unnecessary data to backup  too.  

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