Automatic deletion of tasks
Idea shared by Roger - 1/16/2024 at 12:49 PM
Hello everyone

I would very much appreciate it if there was a setting for the domain or user setting where the automatic deletion of tasks can be set similar to the calendar.

I have customers where some employees still have appointments that date back many years and have accumulated several thousand such tasks over the years for one person alone (this is now a very special extreme example, but unfortunately there are similar ones). As it happens, these people do not delete such outdated tasks, so an automatically activated and adjustable auto-delete function would be great and I would be pleased if you are also interested in it.

Thank you and best regards


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Gabriele Maoret - Head of SysAdmins at SERSIS Currently manages 6 SmarterMail installations (1 in the cloud for SERSIS which provides services to a few hundred third-party email domains + 5 on-premise for customers who prefer to have their mail server in-house)
Are there other people who also find this function helpful, if not important?

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