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Idea shared by TK - 12/6/2023 at 11:50 AM
Scheduling is a wonderful thing - but at this time the inbuilt conferencing option is limited (e.g. 9 participants). Why not support different meeting provider through their apis? We currently use wildix and they support an api to create and delete meetings.

Integration into an ecosystem is the main driver for replacements of solutions like ms365 as they tightly integrate different functionality stacks. To replace such a stack you need a) email with smartermail b) uc with some uc solution c) file storage d) only editing through some wopi interface. 

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SmarterMail did previously integrate with a meeting provider, and it was a disaster. I think the built-in conferencing is quite nice and we've used it a few times (though we mainly use Discord) and it worked out well. Customers have also told us they really like it too.

Hopefully ST continues to improve it.
Well integration mainly in the form of creating a meeting via an api and including the link in their scheduling. not sure how the integration was done in the past.
It's not that we do not like the inbuilt solution, but the customers often cannot live with restrictions like 9 participants. also hosting this creates quite some ressource consumption. that is probably alsow why participants are limited. 

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