RBL auto disabling for X minutes when time for query is longer than Y
Idea shared by Webio - 12/1/2023 at 2:48 AM

can you consider creating some kind of failsave mechanism for situations where messages are being stuck in Spool because of Spam check status which is caused by some problematic RBLs/URIBLs?

Mechanism would be quite simple: if RBL check takes longer than X then disable it for Y minutes.

What do you think?


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There is likely a timeout already in place. I wonder what it is actually. 
I am having an awful time today with response times. Suddenly my times are going to 10000 or more.

I have a few emails stuck in the receive mode as a result.
Issue is not with timeout but with random long response times for RBLs or URIBLs (this is not issue with SmarterMail but my suggestion is for handling this kind of scenarios). In high volume environment this makes Spool to fill up quite fast with messages stuck in Spam check status.
I recommend setting up two DNS servers with Debian 12 and Unbound as DNS resolver. This solved my problems immediately and I have almost no more timeouts and the latency is much lower.

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