file storage download link for entire folder is this possible
Question asked by digital.iway - 11/30/2023 at 5:04 AM
In the current version of smartermail I can upload a document to file storage and password protect it which is one to one only. I then copy the private password protected link and send that along, but it is only one to one and then I have to provide the receiver a password in a phone call or separate email.  

In the beta version for file storage is there any way to password protect a group of files possibly as a folder.  I would like to upload many files to a folder set that link to the folder as password protected and send as one link password protected to someone so they can download all files in that folder with a single download after entering the password?

If not available that would be a great feature to enhance file storage to start passing many documents securely instead of one to one.  Another thought would be to Possibly set the download to link with a field for an authorized user email when you create it so only the authorized email you enter can be used to get a temp passcode sent to them for pickup.

Would be nice to build on that file storage functionality to start password protecting entire emails not just the attachments with some type of auto pickup feature.

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