Struggling with expired? passwords
Problem reported by Mark Thornton - 10/31/2023 at 11:18 AM
Build 8451: Today I started having problems with a couple of my users getting rejecting when trying to send email outside of our domain. I find the in Delivery logs "Outbound SMTP is not allowed. Reason: Password expired." However, the user just logged into the webmail interface and apparently SmarterMail accepts the password for that purpose. Additionally, where does it show the account as having expired in the user interface? 

Paint me confused...

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Mark Thornton Replied
I had to set the password from the admin portal. The user had tried changing the password via the user control panel a few days ago but that didn't seem to work. Still a little fuzzed that there isn't something in the admin control panel for the user indicating the account password is expired.
Kyle Kerst Replied
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Hey Mark! I believe we did issue a fix relating to user edits/updates in recent versions, so you might want to start there to see if this helps. That said, expired passwords should show up here under the domain giving you trouble: 
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