Webmail URL Suggestion (mail.domain.com)
Idea shared by Hasham Wahaib - 10/5/2023 at 12:38 PM
From Years of Install every time I end to manually Redirecting the standard webmail url (webmail.domain.com) to "mail.domain.com
What are the strong reasons behind to make standard Web-Mail long (more characters ) why it can not be 

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Kyle Kerst Replied
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Hi Hasham! I think the use of webmail.domain.com versus mail.domain.com likely originates in old email server types/providers that defaulted to these hostnames when deploying a new domain. So, this probably comes down to preference. If you have clients migrating from servers where the webmail.domain.com hostname was used previously though I recommend keeping an A or CNAME record in DNS for it to make sure user's old bookmarks still work. I hope that helps!
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We are using firehouse.email for webmail. Easy for our firefighters to remember and type in!

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