Is it possible to change the Port number that Smartermail sends on?
Question asked by Bob Bell - 10/3/2023 at 11:56 AM
My hosting company doesn't allow sending on port 25. Is it possible to change the port from 25 to another port like 587 or secure port 465?

I'm not talking about outside users, like myself, from my home. From my home I use port 465 to send mail securely over Port 465 to the Smartermail server. But Smartermail itself is always trying to send on Port 25 which is blocked at my hosting company. is there a way to change that default port that Smartermail sends on?
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Tony Scholz Replied
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Hello Bob, 

Unfortunately no. 

The only way to have SmarterMail send out on another port wold be to get a Gateway set up. In the Gateway settings you can specify a port. 

Depending on the gateway you may end up running in to the same issue though. All email services listen on Port 25, but not all of them are listening on the other SMTP ports ( 587, 465 ). 

Depending on your service provider for your server you may be able to request to have the port opened. Some like AWS come with the port closed unless you request to have it opened. 

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Ron Raley Replied
Email servers cannot run on IBM Cloud.

Instead of being smart, they disabled port 25 for all scenarios.

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