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Question asked by Rene Eisenmann - 10/2/2023 at 12:03 AM
I activated outgoing Spam Checks with "20" and qurantine. If i check the outgoing Spam i find sometimes fals positives with messagesniffer codes like 30 and 40. Well is there a way that i can whitelist this issues... eg i had a customer which forwarded his soccer tickets to gmail with no text and nothing and ended up in the qurantine ... lucky me i checked in time so he got his mail .. cause i clicked "send again" .. so my question is can i whitelist or fine tune that 20 or should i rise to 30 in that setting?

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Ron Raley Replied
We have had very little success using Message Sniiffer for outgoing email. Way too many false positives.

Incoming mail is fine, but little weight.
Same here Ron, too many false positive in outgoing mail...
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