Blocked Senders - Not Working
Question asked by Doreen Jones - 9/20/2023 at 3:58 PM
I have a client who has a bunch of emails that he keeps adding to his Blocked Senders list.  But the emails keep coming in from the same sources.  Example below:
He clicks on Untrust Sender before Blocking Sender.  See below:

I've reviewed his emails.  Most of them have their own Unsubscribe link at the bottom of their email so I've asked him to unsubscribe from the actual email itself.  

My questions are:

1.  The Unsubscribe option available in SmarterMail - how does it unsubscribe the email from the sender?  If the sender has their own unsubscribe - why does SmarterMail have an unsubscribe?  

2.  Why isn't Block Sender blocking the emails?  He's blocking the same email senders every day.  Is it because he didn't unsubscribe from the actual email?  It seems like Block should actually block the email regardless of status.

I might add that this client has evidently subscribed at some point in the past either on purpose or by accident.  So I'm trying to train him to unsubscribe from the sender directly first.

My SmarterMail is the Professional version Build 8524

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Reto Replied
1) I think that the unsubscribe in SmarterMail is using the list-unsubscribe header in the email to give the user an easy way to unsubscribe instead of looking in the email for the unsubscribe link. The outcome should be the same.

2) I assume that the sender email contains some unique id that changes with each email. This is mostly used on the senders side to identify bounces. 
Doreen Jones Replied
The Unsubscribe in SmarterMail isn't doing the job if it's supposed to do the same thing that the Unsubscribe in the actual email does.  That is what the client is doing and he keeps getting the emails day after day.  That's why I'm questioning the function.

So are you saying the subscription from the sender has a unique ID for every send - in other words - unsubscribing won't work no matter which Unsubscribe the user uses?
Reto Replied
No, don't mix the two answers. 1) is for the unsubscribe function and 2) was for the block feature.

Regards 1) I just tested it with a newsletter, after clicking the link a pop up opened with the website of the newsletter where the unsubscribe has to be confirmed. Perhaps you even need to enter your email and confirm, this really depends on the newsletter system the sender uses. 
It could be that the newsletter has the wrong link in the header for unsubscribing or the newsletter doesn't care about unsubscribing, especially scammers don't care about that. 

2) If the sender is a unique per mailing then the block function will not work properly. 
Doreen Jones Replied
Okay.  I will do my own test to see what happens.  Thanks for the answers.  
Employee Replied
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Hi Doreen, 

If you're still having trouble after a further review, please don't hesitate to start a support ticket for our assistance. 

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