sm 8657 first doubts
Question asked by Sabatino - 9/20/2023 at 1:46 AM
Hi everyone. I finally did the update

to the latest version of sm in the production environment

SmarterMail Enterprise 100.0.8657.28945 (Sep 14, 2023)

from 8451

Here are the first questions, before opening a ticket I ask the community for any doubts

1) shield
Why isn't the shield always green when all conditions are met?

2) Block authentication by country.

Why can't I set an authentication block for all domains and then possibly customize a single domain. With a logic that is already typical of SM?

3) Administrator with two step auth.

Ok the two step auth, but I would have liked the possibility of setting the block by country here too

4) cyren zero-hour seems to identify as viruses even messages that are more spam than viruses. (checked various emls with virustotal.com).
it also did this with the 8451. 
But I'm going to open a ticket here. Does this happen to you too? 
Sabatino Traini
      Chief Information Officer
Genial s.r.l. 
Martinsicuro - Italy

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