Curious statistics that contradict themselves
Problem reported by Roger - 9/10/2023 at 9:51 AM
Hello all.

Have you ever noticed that the statistics in SmarterMail are wrong?

Take a look at the incoming messages, outgoing messages, message volume, etc. The total of the trend view and domain view alone is far apart, at least for me.

So then also the summary under Protocol and Antispam. For me it is even displayed that 91.5 percent was not classified as spam. If that were the case, I would have done something wrong with my paid solutions like Cyren Antispam and Message-Filter! although alone in the detailed overview of spam filtering about 40 percent is detected as spam! So how is this possible?

Also the comparison between the Cyren Antispam checks and Rspamd checks could not be more different. Cyren Antispam checks are about 180 Percent higher than Rspamd in the same period although both check only incoming messages, so how do such massive discrepancies come about? Each mail is supposed to be scanned from both, Cyren and Rspamd. So from a statistic I expect it to be correct and understandable. This is not the case here and I would like to know how it looks like with you.

Thanks and greetings


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