Nothing going to Junk folder after upgrade to build 8601
Problem reported by Linda Pagillo - 7/28/2023 at 3:19 PM
A server was upgraded to SM Build 8601 on July 21st. Ever since then, no mail (with the exception of blocked senders) is being placed in the Junk Email folder. I searched the delivery logs for some users and it shows no email going to Junk since the day of the upgrade. Anyone else seeing this? Thanks!
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Reto Replied
We just upgraded from the february release to 8601 and I see spam from after the upgrade that was places in the spam folder due to high spam weight.
Tony Scholz Replied
Employee Post
Hello Linda, Do you see any spam weights being applied in the Message header? If you look in the "Spam Checks" log are you seeing a list of Spam checks that were to be processed? 
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