Missing Emails!
Problem reported by YS Tech - 6/29/2023 at 2:34 AM
I have a client that's complaining that he's lost a load of emails from his inbox overnight.
Is there any reason why this could be?
Is there any way I can track what's happened to them?
I can't see them as a .grp file with the dates, so they definitely aren't there.
Currently, I'm on build 8251

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Tan Replied
You might want to check for any auto clean rules on the user account.

Sometimes client accidentally delete email so one way we trace is to check against backup files the day before. 

We had a bad experience with a nasty client where we presented all the evidence then they told us they accidentally deleted it
YS Tech Replied
Thanks for the reply Tan, the only folder auto-clean options are on the deleted items and spam folders. These shouldn't affect the InBox.

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