Archiving in Smartermail Professional
Question asked by David Lemmink - 6/27/2023 at 12:31 PM
I've noticed that my installation of Smartermail Professional has been archiving messages since installation.  This is obviously taking up a large amount of space on my server.  Is there any reason I cannot delete these files as there is no way to access them without the Enterprise Edition?

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Derek Curtis Replied
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To answer your initial question, there shouldn't be a reason why you couldn't delete them. BUT, there is a preferred way of handling that.

What I'd suggest you do is have us send you a trial of Enterprise so you can disable archiving, then delete your archive directory. Then you can swap back to your Professional license once that's done. Just email Sales and they can get that sent over. 

The issue, though, is how did it start archiving in the first place? Did you ever have archiving enabled, on the free edition or on an Enterprise trial? 
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