SmarterMail WebUI Attachment issue
Problem reported by Juan Lai - 6/16/2023 at 8:53 PM
Hello All,

  For the recent builds (not only the newest one), I found if we have the word "attachment" within the email, and if we have no any attachment within the email, the webUI will show "Missing Attachment" warning.
  If I switch to Chinese webUI, then there's no warning if I am typing  "attachment" (in English), but it will show "Missing Attachment" if I am typing "attachment" in Chinese character(附件).
  But if I am using English WebUI, and typing "附件"(means attachment in Chinese), and this mail will be 
sent without any warning, and vice versa. 
  If I send this email(content included the word "attachment" but no any attachment file within the mail)  through outlook, then Smartermail may process it to  junk folder directly.
  Any of you have the same issue? I have the test environment, and having the same issue

Juan Lai

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Brian Bjerring-Jensen Replied
For me its only the webmail that does it. Outlook doesnt ask for an attachment and send anyway....

Juan Lai Replied
You know, it's really crazy almost half of the mails within domain went to junk folders.

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