Where smarter mail is published in IIS in a Virtual directory the reply opens a blank window
Problem reported by Richard Gaze - 5/21/2023 at 12:48 AM
Through this the host name has been redacted.

In IIS Smarter Mail is published in the virtual directory SM.  This has been working fine for years.  Following the last couple upgrades (at least SmarterMail_8524 as the earlier ones with the Thunderbird issue were rolled back) if you press reply, or create a new email the pop up window is blank.

You see this blank window
If you use the network debugger the URI being called has the SM virtual directory in place for the first three calls - e.g.

But for the last call the virtual directory is missing - as such you get a 404 error.

This is still happening in the latest release (SmarterMail_8538).

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Brian Bjerring-Jensen Replied
For me SM is not running in a VD and never has. Running SM since 8451.
Earl Clements Replied
For me, SM has never been virtualized. SM Servers Online Since 8451.
eggy car
Jirka Schoell Replied
Same problem here. Smartermail is installed as a virtual directory in IIS.
As I remember correctly it worked with version 8451.
After upgrading to version 8545 the problem occurs.

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