Is there a way to add "undisclosed recipients"?
Question asked by Jensen Graham - 5/5/2023 at 11:12 AM
We want to send emails out to multiple addresses at the same time without revealing their addresses to each other. BCC hides the email addresses initially, but if someone hits reply all they will reveal their address to everyone. Other email services allow "undisclosed recipients", which is supposed to fix this problem. 

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Mark Thornton Replied
Confused, I am. I'm still on build 8451 but I just confirmed that if I send an email with the addresses in the BCC field it shows up in webmail as undisclosed recipients and in outlook as just a blank field by the To label. In both cases when I hit Reply All it only populates the To address with my personal address which would be correct.

What version SmarterMail, and what client are you seeing this on?
Jay Dubb Replied
I agree with @Mark Thornton.  If you use BCC, the recipient list will be hidden from anyone who receives the message as a BCC.  If they hit Reply-All, the only recipient shown in their mail client should be the original sender.
Ron Raley Replied
BCC does not reveal the email addresses on REPLY ALL
Seph Parshall Replied
I'm on 8517 and I cannot replicate that problem. It works as expected.

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