Build 8517 - Message Archive Issues
Problem reported by Brian Davidson - 5/3/2023 at 4:39 AM
We just upgraded to Build 8517 (Enterprise). Our settings are that some, but not all, domains use message archiving. One domain was experiencing inconsistent results so I initiated an archive re-index for that domain. I have noticed the following issues since:

  1. Even after several hours, the archives search for that domain resulted in an "Index in progress" notice when trying to search archives as a domain admin. The domain archive is about 6GB.
  2. From the Admin login, we are unable to do any archive searches. The search box indicates "Archive is currently disabled. Nothing to search."  Completing search fields does not activate the "save" button.
We resolved issue #1 when the SM service restarted. Issue #2 remains.  When logged in as admin for the domains with archiving turned on, everything works as expected.

Are either of these expected behaviors or has anyone else experienced this?

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